Access Monitor

With CRM Defender, you get an Access Monitor to check your users’ succesful logins and failed login attempts.


Every time a User logins in a successful way, you will find a new row in your Access Monitor.
You will see:

  • IP Address: the IP from where the User logged.
  • Typed Name: the username he typed, since we are in the success case, it’s his username.
  • Registered Time: the time when the User logged.
  • Recognized User: if the result was a success, here you will find a link to the User’s record.
  • Admin User? : it’s a checkbox to help in searches. Selecting Admin Users? = No will show all rows without a successful result and the successes made by Non-admin users.
  • Result: Login Success


Every time there’s a failed login attempt, a new row is added in your Access Monitor.
You will see:

  • IP Address: the IP from where failed login attempt came.
  • Typed Name: the username it was typed, you can recognize if it was a random input or a mistyped.
  • Registered Time: the time when the failed attempt occurred.
  • Recognized User: since we are in the failure case, it’s empty.
  • Admin User? : The checkbox will be empty.
  • Result: Login Failed or Locked Out; it depends by the policy you previously set. For example, if you set 3 as the maximum number of failed attempts allowed, a fourth failed attempt will result in a ban. Please note that after the ban, you won’t find any more rows from that IP, until you eventually white list it.

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